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Tori Linder

Tori Linder loves the Florida Everglades. She grew up in South Florida and spent springs in Islamorada with her family, learning how to fly-fish in the flats. It wasn't the fishing that hooked her, though. Her fishing guide's lessons on Roseate Spoonbills and the complexity of mangrove ecosystems made her fall for the outdoors.

Conservationism came later. On a college field study, Tori saw the adverse effects of deforestation & realized "a healthy environment was fundamental to a healthy society."

Post-grad, Tori went to Africa to get some mud on her boots. She worked to protect and restore land in Kenya and South Africa for a few years—she tagged lions, flew in bush planes, hung out with a rhino, got a little too close to some speedy elephants and worked to allow wildlife to live in tandem with livestock and the growing human population. But Florida kept calling her back. Home needed help, too.

Tori's always been a humanitarian—she even wanted to work in a refugee camp when she was in kindergarten!

- Georgina, Tori's mom

Now, Tori is working with colleagues to save the Greater Everglades! It's an uphill battle but Tori doesn't want her home state to lose one of its gems. Whether she's in murky swamp water or standing in a swarm of mosquitoes (or sometimes both), Tori's spreading the word: it's good for us (you know, humans) to take care of our home!

Tori's favorite layer is her Chambray Relaxed Cotton Button Down with a Deck Stripe Harbor Shirt for added warmth.