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Bullet list

To apply the blue square bullet style, add the list-bulleted class to any unordered list (UL).

Bulleted list

For static content pages that live inside a container with a class of static_content, any unordered list (UL) will have blue square bullets, even if the class isn't applied. This will also pick up other styles like the Georgia typeface.

Bulleted list

  • Bullet A
  • Bullet B
  • Bullet C

Ordered list

List of Links (alt color)

  1. Bullet One
  2. Bullet Two
  3. Bullet Three

Link list, no bullets

List of Links

Link list, active item

List of Links

Nested link list

List of Links

Link list, extra tall

Useful for finger-friendly navigation, includes a hover state

Reset List Block

Horizontal list, linked

These are used for jump navigation and other utility nav

Horizontal link list

Horizontal list, comma separated

Horizontal link list

Key Value Pairs, Horizontal

Useful for showing labels and data value feedback in a two column layout

Key Value Pairs

Sloane Williams
Tell us your birthday, get something special

Key Value Pairs, Vertical

Useful for showing labels and data value feedback in a stacked format

Key Value Pairs Stacked

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